DSC_0520-1Hey, there.  My name is Jami.  I am in my third decade of life, although I usually tell people that my soul is rooted in at 19. 
My love is primarily invested in words, music, God, my boyfriend (The Tall One), and my Puppy-Dog Jane.

Sempiternal (Synonym: Everlasting) is my favorite word, and my heart is my favorite organ. I read old books and play classical music to look pretentious (and because they are both beautiful).  I cross stitch and embroider whenever I find time to binge watch whatever is new on Netflix.  I just recently began wearing makeup again after a fierce battle with self-confidence and acne — but only foundation and red lipstick, really.

Math and hate are the banes of my existence.  I love colorful things, and tea, although coffee has grown on me.  I’m obsessed with Doctor Who and The Chronicles of Narnia and lots of other things, but those are the big ones.

I am an ex-food service worker.  Now I work in a writing center, tutoring English at the community college I used to attend. I’m currently majoring in English with a psychology minor at the nearest university. I plan on returning to school after I receive my Bachelors in English to work toward a teaching certification and a Masters in Creative Writing. Ultimately, though, the heart-dream is to publish my novels, own a coffee shop and an editing firm, and operate an animal shelter before I die.

I think America’s political system is bogus but I’m too small to do anything to change it.  I think people who don’t tip are evil.  Also those who abuse animals or children.

I value selfless love and bravery and kindness.  I hope to exhibit those things, as well as honesty and integrity, in my journey through life.



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