I’ve been busy,

and neglectful here on sempiternalheart.


It’s a Tuesday. A rainy Tuesday, with gray skies and an almost-cold breeze that’s tantalizingly fall-like. The rain brought us relief from the roasting heat we’ve been feeling lately.

I’ve almost finished all of my home work for the week — all that’s left is a 500 word essay relating a psychological theory to my life and a Skype session with my Spanish professor on Friday afternoon. That will give me all the way through next Monday to continue working on the reason for my quiet here.

I’m pulling my life into order. I’m getting rid of the things that clutter up my life, things that I have no genuine interest in. Sometimes those things look like books I’ll never get around to reading, a degree or a plan that I’m not going to utilize or put into action, and — yes — sometimes even people who don’t make my heart feel bubbly with laughter or who don’t push me to love Jesus more.

All of that extra energy is being focused in on one Big Project, into launching something that I’m really excited for — but I’m not posting details until it’s closer to being finished.

Stay close. I’m still around.


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