The Aftermath

I’m currently at work; my stuff is spread across enough of the table to make it look like one person is taking up two of the computer stations. I’ve been hole punching and sticky noting and highlighting in my planner and semester binder, trying to tie my life into something that looks organized.

Harvey left a mess, in a lot of ways. The streets that saw flooding are lined with soaked sheetrock, with ruined lumber, with furniture that can’t be used any longer. And life, for those of us in the academic world, was put on hold for two weeks.

It feels selfish to be struggling with this, with playing catch up.

It would help if I could find a decent planner. But The Panda Planner didn’t work — the excessive boxes that had to be checked each day were overwhelming. And the Ink + Volt is beautiful, but there’s not enough space for writing notes, or even day-to-day activities.

Somebody remind me not to buy $35 planners unless I know with everything in me that it will work (she says as she researches The Passion Planner — $30).



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