When I Grow Up,

I want to be like my daddy, setting out to rescue a loved one from a flood only to expand that rescue mission, fielding calls and finding boats for others.

The Gulf Coast is in trouble, y’all. Hurricane Harvey is wrecking us; Houston and Dickinson are feeling it. Corpus and Rockport have already felt it. The rivers — The Brazos and The San Bernard — are about to feel it.

It’s last year all over again, but amplified. Times ten, times fifty, maybe even times two hundred. Because last year it was just rain from the north hitting our rivers, overflowing into our yards.

This year, it’s that, plus some. It’s the rain from the north running into our rivers, plus rain right on top of us. This storm that should have remained a tropical depression escalated into a category 4 when it hit.

We’re not really sure what Harvey is going to do. He’s “hard to predict,” as the weather stations say. All they know for certain is that we can expect 40″ or more of water.


As of 10:35 A.M., we were literally just issued a mandatory evacuation.


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