i suck at titling things

IMG_3962“I wouldn’t hate this weather so much if it would just stay one way all day.”

Lindsey’s voice warbled a little over the phone — consequence of the speaker phone on my end and the sea-side wind on hers.

It’s kind of like the sky is temperamental down here. It was drizzly when I woke up, sunny when I drove myself to the coffee shop for lunch, and then there were two hours of torrential downpours that I feared would keep me from leaving the college once I clocked out from my front desk shift.

But now the sky is just grey and hanging low like a heavy blanket, thick with humidity.

I spent two lovely hours in the coffee shop, drinking coffee and eating a sandwich and reading a book before I had to come back to the college for work.

A psychology minor, friends, will get me out of school by Spring of 2019. It’s an additional five courses to my degree plan (which I think I can handle).

I’m strangely excited about it. If I can just make it through my Summer courses, I’ll feel good about things (until things start up again in August, at which point I will promptly begin to panic again).


a legitimate study method for prepositions

Just kidding about the panicking. It gets easier every semester. Although I am a little nervous about going back to UH — I checked the map when I registered for courses and some of my classes are on completely opposite sides of campus.

Let’s put a positive spin on that and just say it will be great exercise (especially considering I’ll be legitimately running from one to the other in the ten minute gaps I’ll have).


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