At Least

It’s the Last Week, and I’m so ready for it to be over. I have pretty much decided that I suck at school, at least these classes that I hate.  It’s difficult to be excited and invested in something that isn’t the least bit interesting.

At least the weather is nice.  Clear blue skies and a taste of cool air, but not so much that my fingertips and toes turn bright red.  I’m sitting in my last Stats class of the semester — well, it’s the last mandatory one.  I’ll be spending most of this week working on the exam reviews and finishing the last two homework sections; I’m trying to get ahead on those so that I can focus on reviews for the final.

I think it’s evil to have a third exam a week before the final exam, and then to make the final cumulative.

But at least the difficult formulas will be the ones at the front of my mental filing cabinet.  And we’re allowed cheat sheets on our exams, as well as access to r studio.

I’m about to be unemployed, for a short period.  Such is the life of working for a university, where summer is a break.

At least I’ll have piano students over summer, as well as a couple of nannying and house sitting gigs.  And maybe I’ll (finally) get my Etsy store going again.  And maybe I’ll hire myself out as a free lance editor — I’m good at that; I love doing that.  Heck, maybe I’ll go write a Craigslist ad for that right now (because, you know, focusing in class is so overrated).

Anyways.  I need to organize my week so none of my assignments get overlooked.  I’ve nearly lost my End-Of-Semester Sticky Note twice in as many hours.

But I can fit my End-Of-Semester to-do list on a sticky note, so that’s something good and exciting.



  1. I am so happy to think of you being home for a few weeks, even if you will be busy, out and about taking care of your own stuff. I’m hoping we can do some fun things, crafty things whenever our schedules permit. I love you! ❤


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