Last weekend was one for the books, and I can’t find the words to describe how perfect it was so here it is, in pictures.

The Curly Haired Wonder and I began the weekend early with Big City Shenanigans at Hermann Park, MFAH, and a mutual first-bar experience.




Yes, that is my tipsy face.

Saturday was the Bayou City Book Fest (and coffee shop adventures) with the infamous Lindsey Renee of Ever Ink Press.





IMG_2284Everything smells like dirt today — even though I’m surrounded by pavement, it reminds me of home.  The urge to take off my shoes and sit on a blanket in the grass with a book is unbearable.

First things first: I made an 86 on a stats exam.  Years ago, I would have been crushed seeing anything lower than a 94 on anything.

However this is an increase from the 40 I made on exam 1, so we’ll definitely take that.

Second: my little cousin (who’s almost a foot taller than me) asked me to teach him how to dance for prom over the weekend, and I’m dying from how adorable that is.



  1. I enjoy all the new words I learn when reading your blog. Petrichor. I would NEVER have learned that word were it not for you and your love of words. ❤

    Questions. I have questions!

    How did you manage to snag the photo of the Rembrandt? Last time I tried, a guard yelled at me.

    Where did you and G get the sketch paper/boards for your art adventures at the museum? I think that would be fun to do some time!

    News. I have news!

    The a/c units are both fixed and it is COLD in this house. 😀

    Your dog. She is still cute.

    That is all. Love you. ❤


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