Currently sitting at my little white desk, debating whether independent studying at the apartment would be more productive than going to class,

and I’m thinking the answer is yes, because I’m currently on a very successful roll self-teaching what my professor has been throwing at us for the last two weeks.

Currently feeling a little bit like I’m drowning, between stats homework (and my awful professor) and studying for my geology exam on Thursday.  I need to go grocery shopping; I’m fully booked for consultations this evening; I have more work to do for Lindsey.

I haven’t been sleeping well.  My mind is all over the place.  I’m berating myself for this stream-of-consciousness right now, because for some reason that one comment re: my writing has stuck, like a sticker bur.

I desperately need to get back to stats, but I needed a moment of this — I needed to declutter.


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