Thoughts on the Inauguration // Snippets

from Friday:

And all the Conservatives say: “We’re back, bitches.”

I’m sitting in the Student Center watching the Inauguration with just a handful of my fellow UH students.  There’s a group at the top of the steps passing out “Not My President, Resist Donald Trump” flyers (I laughed when they tried to hand me one).  Only a few of us clap for him; only two or three are brave enough to cheer.

From today:

Three weeks in, and I already missed a Friday of blogging.

In my defense — Friday was all statistics lecture, 9 AM work meetings, the long drive home, piano students…fueled by restlessness that comes from bad sleep and caffeine.  I don’t remember where I was going with what is written above.

Nowhere anybody would like, I’m sure.

But.  Today.  Today has been blue skies and a fierce wind.  It’s been all numbers and procedures and a front desk shift in the writing center with a strong cup of coffee.  It’s loud, wild discussions in the break room about feminists vs. femnazis.  Surprising Thomas with my knowledge of good and old music; I got a “you never cease to impress me” for singing Chantilly Lace and relaying the story of the time I sang ‘Big Bad Bill’ for a school talent show.  Magnetic poetry at the front desk with Chelsea.

Rammy is sitting with me, waiting to go to class– talking about naps and bicycles and popcorn.

And it’s a good day.


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