Post Finals Update


I was pretty much 100% set on hating my new job when I first started working up here.

The first meeting — it was training for the new hires — I was quiet and awkward, because everyone (literally, everyone) seemed gorgeous and put-together and mature, and I felt like I’d been hired as a fluke because, friends, I am a mess.

I cried in the bathroom for fifteen minutes before I left, and I left early.

Wednesday night, I got all teary-eyed because I was about to have to leave for the end of the semester, and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye (even though I go back in January because THEY LIKE ME (*shock*)).


We have a crazy kind of good God, friends, who would care enough to take so many things that caused fear and turning it all around, making them good.

6ea15c2d-1c87-42bd-9102-8a064590cab7This year has been insane, and the most recent semester even more so.  It almost feels as if everything was flying by so fast that I didn’t have a chance to experience anything, like it was all blurred and out of focus.  But then I remember that I did do things and meet people and experience stuff, it jus wasn’t the stuff I was expecting,

which, personally, I think makes it better.

Good things:

DD bought me the new Tenth Ave CD — I’ve kind of been jonesing for it for a while, because they’re my FAVORITE band.  Even over Explosions in the Sky (who disappointed me with their last album — it did nothing for my soul the way the others did, but I digress).

My boyfriend is kind of the greatest, is the point.  ‘Cause he could’ve waited until Christmas or my birthday or something, but nah.  He’s too generous for that (and I’m not complaining…).

If you feel like it, give track four (I Have This Hope) a listen here.


One of my piano moms and her girls gave me a huge bag of Lindor truffles and a gorgeous card for Christmas — plus what I called “a Christmas bonus” when I told my mom (money is kind of a big deal right now, mostly because I’m sucking at working enough hours to support myself while not failing my classes — guys, Big City School is so much different from what I know.  Community college does not prepare you at all).

But I’m also getting a refund check in the mail from…one of the colleges.  I think it’s UH.  But that’s going straight into my savings and I’m not touching it.  That’s a good thing.


The Den had our Christmas at Roadhouse on Friday.  We all showed up with gag gifts, but GayLynn wins — she brought hemorrhoid cream and laxatives.

Guess who ended up with that bag.  Yeah.  Me.  But I went first so I stole last, and ended up with Bean Boozled, which nobody will play with me, but I’m kind of stoked about it anyways…

Christmas gifts are almost complete.  The Curly Haired Wonder and I went up to Houston last night.  We finished up the DIY gifts and wrapped everything and baked cookies.  Because It’s Christmas season and that’s what you’re supposed to do.




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