I like Orderly Worlds

15385394_1029650033813214_6983949837736385657_oand my world is anything but, right now.

I got to pet puppies today in the library.  And there was $1 coffee at Einstein Bro’s.  Our printer is happily supplied with ink, and I am happily sifting through printouts of the articles I was trying to shuffle between online.

I have articles spread across my desktop and bedspread, highlighter ink running rampant (smearing, really) across everything, because I’m switching between colors so frequently that there’s just no point in putting the caps back on.  There’s not one, but two cups of coffee perched precariously amidst the chaos.



The chemistry final is in exactly 57 minutes (while I’m typing this, anyways — it’ll be closer when I publish, which is terrifying).  I’m thinking about leaving early to take advantage of the 20 minutes early-start they’ll give you, if you care enough to go that early.

I really want to get this class over with.

Both of my cups of coffee have gone cold.



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