God is good, friends.

There’s been an awful mess with financial aid.  They didn’t send me an email about missing paperwork, so they put a hold on my account that prohibited me from registering for Spring classes.

After two weeks of dealing with the mess (which included a lot of frustrated tears at my desk when I was on hold), things are finally straightened out.

Confession: I like to be in control.  I’m really meticulous every semester when I plan out my schedule, and I was especially proud of the line-up for next semester.  Two math classes and a science?  I pulled up every possible professor on ratemyprofessor to see who would offer the best experience.

Especially for probability and statistics because, friends, I am not a math-oriented person.  I barely passed the basic algebra course I took at BC, even though I studied literally every day, both independently and with tutors.

I was pretty much certain that registering three weeks after registration opened would rule out the good professors and the awesome schedule I’d drafted,


I got things figured out.  And when I went to check the classes I had bookmarked a month ago, three of the four classes I wanted were still open, and the other was wait-listed.

The best part is: it’s the math and science classes that are still open.

I’m watching TED talks on education right now, trying to find inspiration to start this 6 page paper, the last assignment of the semester besides my final exams.

Kat is studying for her organic chem final with a classmate.  Tasia is reading Fahrenheit 451, and baking brownies.  There are Christmas lights hung up, and a garland be-decked wreath hanging on the front door.

My mind is wandering; I’m trying to tether it to the inked words scribbled in my spiral, putting the speaker’s words down before I forget what it was that almost — almost — sparked something good.

But it’s wandering, stuck on Shakespeare and Christmas carols and the cup of espresso bark sitting off to the side of the cluttered desk surface.


End product: a handful of links.  seven pages of notes.  portions of an introduction.

I’m calling it quits for the night.  I have until Saturday.


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