I voted straight Republican;

Apparently, according to a Facebook friend, that makes me a shitty human being.

But I’ll out myself now: I am with Trump, 100%.

I am with the man who’s going to restore — not eliminate — the process of immigration, putting our own country’s wellbeing over the wellbeing of other countries, who is going to protect my right to bear arms and the lives of the unborn, who’s going to look out for our veterans, who’s going to put citizens and not government first in so many areas — friends, I am with the man who is going to take America and make it his business, and a successful one.

I am with the man who who used his own funds to fly soldiers out of a dangerous situation, who flew a child to a surgery when the airlines refused to make accommodations, who has fought racism, who has donated vast sums of money to health organizations, and who sent his own men to search for survivors of 9/11.

I was not excited about the options of this election year.  Trump is not and would never have been my first choice for president.  He is not the ideal candidate.  He’s rough.  He talks big and he talks shit.

But are we really upset that someone with America’s best interest in mind beat out the lying, murdering narcissist who’s contradicted herself every time she’s opened her mouth?

I think it’ll be good to have someone who’s actually done some hard work in their life — who’s failed and had to start from nothing all over again —  and not a politician in office.

I think we’re going to make America great again.

I’m going to feel a backlash from this.  And that’s okay.  I’m prepared; I know what I believe, I know why I believe it, and I’m not afraid.

Let’s all disagree respectfully, though, okay?  I’m not prepared to lose friends over my beliefs, but if you choose to reject me because I take advantage of the first amendment that allows me freedom of speech, then I’m not going to stop you as you walk away.



    1. I love you!

      I do want you to know — I’m pretty sure I believe more like you do. I hate the government right now, but I couldn’t stand by this election, twiddling my thumbs.


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