endings aren’t my thing, y’know

Curled up in the dark of my bedroom at the apartment with a mug of Earl Grey on the edge of my desk, film scores playing through my headphones, and the words are coming fast.  Faster than they have in a while.

This part of the story is almost over.

I don’t like ending.  I’m not a fan of goodbyes.  And this is the last time I’ll write for this character, this particular piece of my heart.


I started NaNoWriMo with one book, one that I needed to finish, and I’ll be ending with another.


Saying goodbye to characters is better, I guess, than saying goodbye to real people.  At least they’re still in my head.  Real people are just gone.  They completely cease to exist.

i need to go to sleep.

i promise i’ll write something better tomorrow.



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