I’m behind on both NaNoWriMo and my Bible reading plan — the perfectionist in me is yelling, loud and hard.  Because, well, as far as NaNoWriMo is concerned, it’s day two!  How could you have slid “so far” in such a short amount of time?

I have to write just over 3,000 words today in order to be “on track” again.  While responsibly going to work, and studying for a Chem quiz, and reading my IRW students’ papers.

My subconscious must’ve been freaking out, ’cause I didn’t sleep well last night.  All sorts of bad dreams, and then I overslept.  I remember, vaguely, reaching to turn off my 8 o’clock alarm, and then — the next thing I knew — it was 10, with fragmented lines of sunbeams streaming in through the blind.

Sorry, Dr. Jones.

Oh.  I was supposed to go see an advisor today.

But I had Jesus time, and worked out, and made coffee.  And now I’m going to write with Lindsey, and then I’m going to get ready for work, and at some point today maybe I’ll find time to draft a map so I don’t have to keep Emirend’s world stashed in a corner of my horribly overwhelmed brain —

and everything will be okay.

Rammy: I just really love prison cooking shows.  Like.  Gordon Ramsey, Behind Bars.

Maria: Guys, I have to quit this job.  You feed me too much.  Pizza, ice cream, brownies, cake — we’ve got to stop.

Ariana: When is the next batch of hiring going to happen?
Me: Wait, you’re going to hire MORE people I’ll have to get used to?
Rammy: It would be good.  I need a partner to make the country jokes.

Boss Johnathan: Who wants to hang things?
Me: What things are being hunged?  *laughts as Boss Johnathan looks disapprovingly* I get really amused when I say words wrong with my mouth.
Boss Johnathan: Are you happy now?
Me: Yes.  Very.

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