Hello, November

We had to do a group presentation in HDFS last week, and my team decided to use “a rollercoaster of emotions” as our theme.  And I didn’t really realize how this week has been a rollercoaster, emotionally, until I stood in front of my class and BS-ed a presentation I hadn’t actually prepared for very well (but I still rocked it, ’cause speaking about yourself is easy, you know?).

But.  Seriously.  Midterms, can you calm down?  Thanks.

I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve yelled — it’s been messy.  And beautiful.  The sky has been blue and the air has been clear,

but probably the best part of the week was staying late at work to help make Spirit Bell decorations (I made a paper chain that stretched down a good portion of the CBB hallway) and ordering pizza with some of my Writing Center cohorts.

Homecoming is in less than two weeks.  I’m staying for the game — I have plans with The Curly Haired Wonder to go dress shopping for a red dress I can wear with boots, because why not?

In other (MORE EXCITING) news:

NANOWRIMO BEGINS TONIGHT.  I REPEAT, NANOWRIMO. BEGINS. TONIGHT (well, technically in the morning at 12:01 AM).

Excitement is manifesting itself in many ways, but ultimately I feel a little like throwing up.  I’m a pantser, right?  I don’t really plan, but this year I’m hitting peak pantser levels; I haven’t even chosen a story to work on, let alone brainstormed any specific ideas.

But it’s gonna be good.  There’s a kick-off party from 9 PM to 5 AM tonight and I know I won’t go for the whole thing (having work tomorrow and all) but I think I might go for a little while.  This is the first year I’m living in a place with a population large enough to host successful events, for community get-togethers for people of the creative type to come together to create together, and that’s basically my favorite thing.

I really need to stop rambling.  I got online to procrastinate.  I’m procrastinating from watching FRIENDS, actually, because I finished my homework for the day, and I told myself I’d work on that baby quilt while I watched a show…and I want to finish this quilt,
okay.  I’m gone.

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