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I’m a TA for an IRW class, right?  Our students were free writing this week about political issues last week, why they feel the way they do about certain issues, whether or not the issues are being addressed, how they would address them.

Gun control has come up a couple of times.  A couple of different students wrote it down.

Holly asked who thinks campus carry is a good idea,

and nobody raised their hands.

The way I see it, if an armed person with ill intent knows that nobody will be armed on a college campus, that’s one of the places they will target.  They’ll know we’re defenseless, that they can do what they want to as many people as they want,

and they don’t care about anyone or anything.  They will take advantage of our vulnerability.

One comment I saw a lot of was “citizens should not be allowed guns; only people trained should be allowed to own guns.”

Both Holly and my roommate had to explain to me that they’re not allowed weapons in the countries they’re from, and most of them have probably only been here for a few months, so they don’t know that people with concealed carry licenses are trained.

The people who do the damage are the people who don’t care, and they’re the ones we need to be protected against — they’re the reason we need people with CCLs to carry, so that there are people who can fight back when there’s an active shooter at a theater, in a mall, at a school.  When lives are in danger and the police aren’t right around the corner.

Guns aren’t bad; PEOPLE are bad.  We are inherently evil and corrupt and deadly.  People with ill intent?  Yeah, they don’t care about laws — they’ll get their hands on a firearm, and their intent will be to do the most damage with the least opposition.  

It’s been three weeks since I typed this up, sitting at a long table in a white room, clenching my jaw so hard it started to cramp and I could feel my teeth crumbling from the weight of my frustration.

It is no less valid today than it was then.


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