It’s impressive, really.  I’ve eaten two meals (this is important; I usually forget).  I’m on track with my water (second 24 oz should be down by 5 PM).  I finished this weeks reading, videos, and quiz for psychology.  I finished, revised, and reformatted an essay for HDFS.  Cleaned the kitchen (sort of).  Spent a lot of time with Jesus.

I just can’t make myself go anywhere near my chemistry textbook.  Which is unfortunate, ’cause I really need to get on it with the quiz due.  I mean, it’s not due until Sunday, but I figure if I get it out of the way that gives me more time to study for my exam week after next.

(yes, I’m worried about an exam that isn’t until two weeks from now.  THIS IS MY LIFE.)

However.  Housemate Kat is going to help me tonight, like she did last night, in exchange for coffee.  God bless her.

I figured out that the issue isn’t that the information on the quizzes and exams are different.  They’re pretty similar.  But the professor doesn’t really give us the information for either, and everyone is failing.

I just bit down the nail on my right index finger.

I’m going to workout and try to not be stressed.  (or, more likely, read a book).  OR jump on that annotated bibliography due next Tuesday.

Whatever.  I’m gonna go nap (I’m indecisive).


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