I’m starting a project.  I mean.  I have a lot of projects; let’s be real.  I’m overwhelmed and up to my ears and drowning, and I love it (it hasn’t hit the stress-levels yet).  I have a baby quilt I’m embroidering squares for, a constellation map hoop to draft, a tapestry to discuss with my roommate, a novel to finish, NaNoWriMo to prep for, a canvas to paint, magnets to make — plus, I want to get my Etsy shop going again, focusing on flower crowns, embroidery hoops, and cross stitch necklaces with some random jewelry pieces thrown in there.

Getting to the Point: there’s this YouTube channel called The Bible Project.  They make illustrated videos that explain/summarize every book of the Bible (which is super helpful when I don’t know the historical context).  They have a map that breaks up the Bible into sections, and basically my newest project is to diligently read + journal + worship every day so that I can go through the entire Bible in less than a year.  And learn.  And love.

I’m kind of (really) stoked to get a firm foundation of Biblical knowledge so that I don’t apologize every time I have “stupid” questions in Bible study.

And I’m kind of hoping that somewhere along this reading plan, God’s going to give me some answers to some questions I’ve been asking for a while.

In other news: Tuesday night was National Taco Day.

It was the “taco-est of all Taco Tuesdays.”

We — Tasia, Kat, and I — set out to find tacos, and ended up making some pretty phenomenal tacos back at our apartment because everything else was too busy.

And I’m still laughing about it.  Because it was great.  Even though we got lost and the taco truck one of my coworker’s recommended didn’t have change for our cash and we got stuck in traffic — it was a good time.

Can you tell that I’m rambling?  I’m trying to do better about posting regularly, even if it’s senseless, random, pointless stories.  I’m trying to post more often, because it keeps me from writing dark, emotional pieces when the words have built up in me so high that I can’t see.  And I like sharing the stories — but you know that.

Okay.  I’m trying to knock some stuff off the to-do list so I can go to a Bible study with Tasia tonight (and try a new coffee shop, and get groceries).  So back to the textbooks, for now.


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