Monday // Evening

Casserole of the week: Chicken Pot Pie.

Results: Delicious, though the larger potato chunks are a little crunchy.  Housemates are in accord; Kat was impressed by the speed with which this was thrown together.

Tuesday // Afternoon

I just had my first official consultation in the UHWC.  It went so well I had to ask a boss for a high-five (a successful high-five with a resounding “clap” and a stinging sensation left in my right palm).  Now I am sitting at one of those long white tables with the red chairs in 228, acting as a TA for an IRW class.  We’re on break; we’ve talked about individual meetings for next week — thirty minute one-on-ones that will allow us to get a more accurate feel for each student and their individual needs.

I’m excited.  I’m excited for this building of relationships and getting to know these really cool people that I’ve only really gotten to know through one autobiographical paper.

In other exciting news: NaNoWriMo is coming up.  And I’m committing, again.  And I’ll probably regret it —

no.  I won’t, ever.

Wednesday // The Wee Hours

Tasia and I went on an adventure last night; we put on clothes nicer than our pajamas and got in my car and drove over to Westheimer to find a coffee shop.

We had some major success.  We landed in Agora, a two story coffee shop built of polished wood and green ivy.  Their coffee was good.  The atmosphere was great.


I’m working through Hosea again, but God’s nagging me with reminders of Sunday afternoon at The Den.  We kept talking about “loving your neighbor,” (your literal next door neighbor, your best friend, that coworker that drives you nuts . . .) and, yeah, it’s one of those Sunday school things that anyone who claims Christianity is familiar with.

It’s difficult — impossible — to live out.

But God’s learning me.

Thursday // Cloudy Afternoon


In the WC again, talking books with a couple of coworkers.  I was stood up by students twice today, but I got the article for the reading group read, mostly.

Tomorrow’s going to be busy.  Between classes and work related meetings and a phone conference, I don’t know how I’m going to find time to eat.  I’ll probably live off of granola bars.

But all of that reminds me that I need to finish the article, and then go back to the apartment to write a paper and study for exams.

Friday // Torrential Downpours

I have a work meeting scheduled when the forecast is at 60%.

But until then, there is an hour gap before Chemistry, and this evening the plans call for grocery shopping and (hopefully) an adventure —

continuation // there were adventures, by the beautiful and bright fountain behind the education building with the Curly Haired Wonder.  We ate Chickfila and caught up on what’s been missed — she’s been missed.  It was too good for words to be with her again.


It was good.

Saturday // Sometime Past Midnight

It’s past midnight, and, in spite of the amazing week it’s been, the sadness hit me in the gut as soon as my roommates weren’t nearby.  Maybe it’s the music I’m playing — maybe it’s got too many memories attached.  Maybe it’s that I missed time with my sister, that I don’t understand the next concept in Chemistry, that I found old photos I should have deleted already —


Maybe I’m just weird.

I’m pretty sure I passed the exam I took at 8:40 this morning.  So, there’s a plus.

I’m trying to push aside the sad and remember the good.  Bear with me while I bring things into perspective again.

The Curly Haired Wonder spent the night.  We had a Starbucks breakfast date after the exam, and we sat in the student center (was it north or south?) talking Jesus while we waited for the rain to pass.  It blurs after that.  TV shows.  More rain.  The best sandwiches I’ve had in a while.  Paint splatters on my white desk.  More Jesus, this time with the roommate, and my heart fell so deeply in love with the fact that my God worked a miracle and landed me in this box of a room with exactly the right woman at exactly the right time.

And today was filled with so much Jesus, really, so how can I sit here and let the devil steal the joy that comes from talking about my God with other people who love him?  How can I let myself slip back into the static?  That would be silly.

So, chin up, buttercup.  The sun’ll be back in a few hours.

Tasia and I plan on driving home — to my home — tomorrow, for lunch with the rents and my guys, for free laundry services, for my puppy, for The Den.

It’s going to be a good day.

I’m off to bed — maybe.


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