Oh, hey there.

It has been an insane — gosh, how long has it been since I blogged?

Update time, I guess.

I’ve been watching a solar powered hula girl with black hair and a yellow grass skirt sway from side to side on my windowsill since Saturday evening.  Yeah.  I’ve been running a fever; my temperature has been bouncing between 99.9 and 103.  But mom started medicating me (I fought it as long as I could) and things are staying normal now.

We thought we were going to have to sue UH for a few days.  Not really, but we weren’t too happy with the housing department.  I signed a lease for an apartment a month or so ago, and all of the sudden there was a charge on my account for a dorm and a meal plan.  What?  My $4,000 tuition was upped to almost $10,000.  Um.  No.

Many, many phone calls and emails later, I found myself (finally) speaking voice-to-voice with another honest to goodness human being!  Yay!

Except I could barely understand a word she was saying through her heavy accent.

That’s something I usually have patience with.  I’ve worked ESL students in the WC often over the past 13 months, and it’s helped me develop a vast amount of patience and understanding.  And I love when I’ve worked with them long enough that my ears start to “get it”.

But this woman — I can’t even explain how frustrating of a situation it was.  First, she was cutting off my questions, not letting me get out my full thoughts before answering with crap that wasn’t even helpful.  And then, when I asked to speak to someone with more authority, she put me on hold for ten minutes.  And then when she said she couldn’t help me, that I would need to send (ANOTHER) email, she hung up on me!

I was pissed.  And that might be an understatement.  But my mom had a much more eloquent rant about it on her FB, and I’m tired of being mad so we’re gonna call that good, because they fixed it.  Rejoice!  Mom ran up to campus yesterday and spoke with a lovely lady who not only removed the housing fee, but gave mom the $300 deposit she didn’t actually have to pay two months ago.

It’s a good deal.

In other exciting UH news, I received an email yesterday afternoon; they offered me a job in their Writing Center!  Which takes a huge amount of stress off of me ’cause that means I won’t have to job hunt.  And I’ll be doing something I love (although I’m pretty sure BCWC will always, always, always be my favorite and my home).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My Wonder Woman of an (ex?) boss made me cry with the note in the book she gave me, with a hand made card+envelope, pins (because I always put so many on my denim jacket), and a pretty little draw string bag to hold it all, and I’m already missing it. Them. My students and my coworkers and everything about that place, the writing center. So much. My heart aches. Even though I’m going in tomorrow to have her look over some paperwork that I have NO idea if I’m doing correctly. Because she’s great like that.

I cant even explain how difficult it is to leave, even though I know what’s next is going to be different and exciting.

In less mope-y news, Rebekah and I had a round two of hanging out.

I experience severe heart palpitations every time I look up and see this face on my Texas soil.

It was a grand adventure of a time.

Outside of 
La Kings on Galveston


With Lindsey, in Palacios


Painting party, with mom!


Bekah and her friend, Jane the Bane


Brew N’ Bake


Boyfriend material.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


And it was awful when she had to leave. We both cried.  She managed to hold it together until she was past security, I think, but I was a mess from when we drove into North Houston.

But she’s kind of got a husband back home, so he might not have been too thrilled if I kept her.

Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold (but being bold doesn’t make it suck any less).

This girl.  She’s such a bright spark in such a dark and crazy world.

I desperately want to create something.  My hands are itching to move, but my mom keeps telling me not to strain my eyes, that I need rest.  But I swear, if I don’t do something truly productive soon — I have paperwork to fill out for my new job (guess who’s employed at UHWC!) AND my apartment, nine quilt squares to embroider, a pair of shoes to modge podge with book pages, two medium canvases for wall-hangings and eight small canvases for magnets waiting to be painted, AND I haven’t even started packing.

I passed my final exam for biology.  Barely.  But I passed.  Praise the Lord.

That’s all I’ve got.  For now, anyways.


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  1. I’m so excited to read more about this upcoming new chapter! — BUT I do wish that I could have made it to BC when you were you still there!


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