Jane Marie

I don’t believe I’ve introduced the blogosphere to Jane Marie (frequently called “Puppy Dog,” for no apparent reason whatsoever).

She’s curious and adventurous and very, very demanding (especially at 5 AM when she likes to demand freedom from her kennel, and I can only be mad at her for so long because as soon as she’s gone and come back in, she snuggles up next to me in bed until my alarm goes off at 6).  Plus, she’s always hungry.  Like.  Always.  It’s ridiculous.  She should be fatter than she is based off what she eats.

Oh, and she frequently has the hiccups.  She’s scared of the vacuum.  Her favorite toy is her dragon.  She sits on my lap while I study (or on the floor by my feet when she doesn’t want to be up so high), and she likes to go take care of the chickens with daddy.  No leash necessary — she doesn’t run (yet?).

And I need to go find her because she’s suddenly disappeared ~



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