angsty passive-aggressive blog posts

From one strange house to the next — I just got back in town last night, and immediately went to house sitting for some friends.  I’m sitting in the kitchen right now, trying to finish a report, but my mind won’t focus, because people are assholes, you know?  And I’m not pointing fingers at anyone specifically, except for maybe the man who honked at me in traffic earlier today when the light had literally just turned green, but it feels like more and more people just fill themselves up with hate and malice and lies, and I want to know what’s with that?  Why do we have to be so spiteful?  I’m guilty too — I definitely have the capacity for rudeness.  I’m not saying I’m perfect; I’m far from it.  I have flaws I’m not even aware of, but I wish someone would tell me about them so I can notice and maybe cut out one more bad part of me.

But that’s not how this works, is it?

And then that still, small voice creeps in and whispers “peace.”

Exodus 14:14

The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.

All of this mess: out of my hands and into his.


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