Rambles (III)

Update time.

I’m enrolled in my classes for UH, and I have a lease for a room at one of the on-campus apartments.  I know what time my classes are and what rooms they’ll be in and who my professors are, and I know the move-in dates and when rent will be due each month.

I spoke with the education advisor, and things fell into place.  I’ll be in school for 3 years working toward this degree, because it wasn’t that my credits won’t transfer, it’s that I took the wrong classes.  My AA is the wrong foundation for a BS in Teaching & Learning.  And, although I’d like to be done in two years, I want to do this to too badly forget it in order to work for a degree that I would get faster.

All that’s left to do is get my CougarCard and get up there in August, once I’m finished with my summer courses.

Which, le’me tell you, science over summer is a bad idea, guys.  I’m enjoying it, mostly, but it’s a crazy amount of information in a crazy short period of time.  But it’s cool, because the slides we look at under the microscopes and the experiments we do are fun.  The only problem, really, is that lab is currently three classes ahead of lecture.  That’s frustrating.  Because sometimes information doesn’t click until I’m reading the text for a lab we did a week and a half ago.

I do love it, though.  Aside from the schedules being wonky and everything being taught from a viewpoint that I don’t agree with — it’s fascinating and exciting, and I get to work with some really great people.  And it’s really rewarding.


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So, I’m busting through my reading list pretty fast.

I’m on 33/52 for the year.  Currently: Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis.  It’s the first in his space trilogy; it’s one I started last year, and I didn’t like it so I returned it to the library.  But this time, I’m digging it.  It’s very different from The Chronicle of Narnia and, obviously, from his other books like The Screwtape Letters or Mere Christianity.  But it’s good.

I’ve got labs from 2311 (Business and Technical Writing) to catch up on and a puppy to entertain, so ~

Get out; enjoy the sunshine while it’s here.



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