Blue Skies and Sunshine

I saw a rainbow yesterday, and cotton-candy pink clouds, and birds flying low across the red sunset.

It was all doubled up, reflecting in the water covering the fields.  It was beautiful, in a strange way.  The trees barely cresting the lake that shouldn’t be there.  Birds flying down, grabbing some poor little creature from the water, sending ripples across the surface.  The police lights flashing blue and then red and then blue in the rearview, guarding the roads, making sure we’re protected from our Southern Stubbornness.

I’ve seen officers from all over our county, and ambulances from Harris and Wilson Counties, as well as San Antonio.  I love that not only is our community doing so much to help (volunteering to fill sand bags, to foster animals left behind, taking food to officers on duty) – we’ve got people from other towns, hours away from us, helping.  I love it, so much.


The sky is brilliantly blue right now, and I just had one of those laughs that kept me belly-aching and winded as I ran up the stairs to get back to work.  See, Fridays I always get a snack.  I get a vitamin water and a bag of cashews.  It’s ritual; every week, right as my brain is too tired to make it through the last hour of my morning shift.


Mrs. Marci: Your total is $157.44.  No.  That is so wrong.  But you should see your face.  Ah. $4.62.  Better?


That’s all I’ve got – well.  Actually, I’ve got three more pages in this chapter of biology, and I think I could maybe focus now.


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