Count the Happies

IMG_6595I was sitting outside at the coffee shop earlier today, when I started writing this (I’m actually going through and changing everything to past tense now).  The sky was blue, peeking through a blanket of white clouds.  The jasmine flowers were showing the last of their blooms.  The smell wasn’t nearly as strong as it was a week ago, but I could still catch it when there was a breeze.

Now I’m at home, and the sky is gray, and all I can smell is the coffee scented candle to my right.  I’ve read over 200 pages of a Kiera Cass novel (what one of my old friends would call “a girl in a dress” book).

There are so many good things happening lately.  I can’t even hardly stand it.  Here are the current “happies”:

  • One of my oldest and closest friends had a baby a few days ago, a little girl.  I’ve never been excited about babies, but I’m thrilled about this one.
  • My long-distance and best friend (BEKAH) is coming down in August!  She said she’d be buying her tickets in the next couple of days – I stayed with her for five days last year, and now it’s my turn to show her around my area.  We’ve already got a lot of fun things planned for her week with us.
  • I haven’t killed my rose bush yet.  It’s looking a little sickly, but I think I can bring her back!
  • My parents and I are going to South Carolina to visit the Hongs in July!  And while we’re there, I may get a chance to meet one of my other online friends (eyes on you, Jess).
  • My Curly Haired Wonder and I have tickets to see one of our favorite bands in August, the day before classes at UH begin.


  • Speaking of UH.  I’m going there this August.  My parents and I had talked about commuting, but we decided it would be easiest if I lived up there.  Going in as a Junior means I don’t have to live on campus, but I’m thinking I might.  I haven’t decided yet.  There’s still a lot to look into.  I only sent in my application a few days ago, so . . .
  • I learned how to back embroidery hoop pieces, and set up a travel stitching kit that’s portable but also large enough to hold everything I need for cross stitch and embroidery projects.
  • Summer jobs are lined up.  I have 11 hours, weekly, at the WC, and I’ll be nannying/hanging out/doing really fun stuff with three of my favorite eight year old girls.  Plus, there are the house sitting gigs, and I’m working on getting my Etsy shop set up again!
  • The Summer List of 2016 is coming together nicely.  It’s shorter than last years (which didn’t get finished, so having fewer things to do is great), and I’m kind of stoked about it.

    …and, lastly,

  • I found the summer anthem.  Or, rather, it found me.  It’s the perfect mix of upbeat and melancholy.  I’m rather in love with it.  Listen to it here (I linked to a lyrics video rather than the music video because it’s really weird and takes away from the song itself, in my opinion).

I’m rather unemployed right now.  I don’t know if I wrote about that in one of my last posts.  Basically, working for the college is great, but also not, because there’s not really anything to do when there aren’t classes, so we don’t go in, and we don’t get paid . . .


I spent the last week doing editing for Lindsey (I’ll remind y’all again about Ever Ink Press).  I finished up the first book of The Secret of Sentarra series Sunday.  Yesterday was my breathing day (I watched Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers with The Tall One, and spent too much money on supplies at Hobby Lobby), and today is the day I start working on my novel.

The goal is to finish it this month.  I got a good start on it during CWII, but I didn’t finish it like I had planned.

So, that’s my goal: finish writing this novel, so I can get started on rewriting and editing, so I can get started on the next story.

But blogging isn’t going to get that done, or the project I want to knock out for a friend, so I’ll be catch you fiends later ~

(but seriously, I can’t even explain how excited about life I am right now.  God has brought me to a great place)



  1. Reading this made me so happy. And also a little like I was at the start of a wonderful contemporary novel. I don’t know, but I can’t wait for more! Also, JEALOUS because eits is one of my all time favorites! I so want to make it to the Houston show ahhh.


  2. Hey there! I nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award! If you’re interested, check out 

    Feel free to ignore the nomination if you don’t feel comfortable participating. 

    I nominated you because I find your blog inspiring and I’d like to thank you for all your efforts in putting together this site! 

    I hope your days are filled with adventure, creativity, and abundant joy. 

    Love, Dreamer 


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