Procrastination, At It’s Finest

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.07.13 AM

There’s currently a cardinal locked in my laundry room.

Every time I open the door to try and shoo it back outside, it flaps around behind the dryer and screeches shrill birdie-curses at me.

I’m like, kid, calm yourself.  I’m trying to help.

It’s times like these I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the cats.

In other news, I found the sonnets I wrote in Creative Writing I.  One was dedicated to how much I hated writing sonnets:

There are too many rules to writing a sonnet.
Your words have to rhyme,
and it takes so much time.
I guess I better get a move on it.
There are too many rules to writing a sonnet.
It’s not something you do in your downtime.
I wouldn’t do this in my fun time.
I’d rather be hit by a comet.

I could write about flowers, or the moon.
I could write about the sparkle in my lover’s eyes,
if I had one.
Typing this out, I feel like a baboon.
My chest is heavy with unsighed sighs.
I wouldn’t inflict this agony on anyone.

Isn’t it awful?  I love it.  I remember which computer I was sitting at in the WC, and I just started word-vomiting so I’d have something to turn in (sorry, Dr. Lee).

And then the modernist poem:

White hot and golden light,

Glaring, flashing, burning my eyes –

I should have grabbed my sunglasses.

I didn’t care for that much, either.  I feel like I’m a one trick pony with my free verse.  But I think I’m okay with that.

I need to get around to dealing with that bird.  Wish me luck.



  1. I absolutely adore this post! “shrill birdie-curses” and “word-vomiting”… these things happen so you have interesting things to write about, you know.


    “Isn’t it awful? I love it.” 😀


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