Change of Plans –

I’m graduating with my Associates degree in six months.

I’ve known what was coming after I graduated BC for a year now.  It was graduate by July, work the rest of the summer, transfer to CFNI campus, do online courses through University of Houston, work as a barista while at CFNI, come back to U of H campus to finish out my Bachelor’s –

I’ve never been able to develop a ten-year plan, or even a five-year.  I have never been able to see that far ahead.

But I had a general outline set up for the life years of 20 through 22.  I was going to finish my Associates here.  I was going to leave for Dallas.  I was going to come back after a year.  I was going to live in Houston, in a cute little dorm – maybe an apartment, and I was going to get my business plan started . . .

But things change, and I don’t think they ever stop.

So, here I am.  Scrambling to pull together the wreckage of my plan, knowing I need to let God have control.



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