3851_800603726717847_4403837011385960670_nI am currently locked out of my “work” email.  Not the one affiliated with BC, but the mega old one I’ve been using for, you know, anything of importance so it doesn’t get mixed in with spam emails.

It’s funny – I’m more upset about the fact that it’s the email linked with my iTunes account than anything.

I’m seriously thinking about deleting all of my current emails and starting over again, because this mess is crazy.

One of my dearest friends moved last Monday.  She’s only an hour away; she’s just on Galveston, but it’s still strange to me that she’s further than ten minutes.

Some of our Bible study leaders are moving today, and it’s going to be strange not having them just across the highway, and it’s a little harder to be okay with that because they’re going way further than an hour – they’re going to be ten hours away.

I have this thing about goodbyes; they’re definitely not my favorite thing.

The sky was ablaze with fury, and I was too; it seemed to pulse beneath my skin, coloring all I saw in shades of red and yellow, hot burning whites, raging golds, silvers, piercing blues -“

Convocation was this last week; we sat through seminars and learned about how to be better employees of BC and discussed ways we could make BC a better college for students ~

“You know what the stupid questions are?”

“There are no stupid questions!”

“Yes, there are.  They’re the ones not asked.”

. . . and I am sad, right down to my toes and to the quick of my soul.  I feel weightless; I feel as though I have no substance.  I am comprised solely of what others have made me.

(If I am weightless, would I float if I were to veer off the brink?)

I bought my books for classes a couple of days ago, and I ranted at my darlings about how excited I am for classes and work to begin again.

They looked at me as if I were crazy, and maybe I am, a little bit.

But it’s going to be a good semester.  I’ve kind of got this vibe ~


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