I’ve noticed something about my generation, about pretty much everyone under the age of 30.

We don’t like to take blame, for anything.  We victimize ourselves to avoid taking responsibility, and if we’re called out on it?  We take offense; we paint bold, black lines, screaming “but this is who I am!  I have to, because this is me!”

We latch on to the wrongs enacted against us, and we make them a part of our identity.

We take OCD and Depression and Anxiety and ADHD – and while they’re actual, real, awful things that people do have to live with – we make them commonplace, and label people with these tags that don’t actually apply.

We’re all too damn sensitive, and our society enables us to be that way.  Where and when we live allows and often encourages us to take offense at the drop of the hat, sometimes when we don’t even have the grounds to be upset.

I know this is probably going to offend some people.

But I’m so angry; I’m so angry that I can’t give my opinion.  My opinion isn’t valid because I’m a straight white middle class christian female.  Because I’m not a minority, because I’m not clinically depressed or diagnosed with some disorder/disability.

And the kicker?

I’m terrified typing all of this out, because no amount of Googling is going to inform me what phrases are “acceptable” and which ones are going to light a couple fires in some hearts.


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