NaNoWriMo – an update

Stressing, slightly. What’s new?  College is kicking me in the you-know-what, which is weird cause I’ve got a good load this semester.

There’s a lot of writing, which I love. I love getting to crank out five pages of whatever-I-want for creative writing, and I love getting to write about personal life experiences for lifespan.  I don’t love the technical writing I have to do for environmental science, but . . . at least it isn’t math.

Back to what I do love: my job. Specifically working with both words and people; specifically having a boss who is fun and laid back and encouraging.

Which brings me to my point.

I realized the other day that I have no idea how to write a business email (I sent a snapchat to a few friends, and they unanimously told me to Google it).

I guess I should start with what the business email was for.  See, I brought an idea to my boss (one that I briefly mentioned in a previous post), and she put me in charge of it.  Which is both terrifying and exciting.

It became even more terrifying when I met with her, and she told me I needed to send emails to all of the English professors.

I’ve never written a business email before; figuring out the balance between professionalism and boring was a challenge.  Then only one professor emailed back, and one of my coworkers made a comment about how it was unlikely anyone would want to participate.


The NaNoWriMo string of events at BC is happening, and I am so pumped. I’ve (hopefully) got a killer story, and I’ve got friends committed to doing it with me. The WC is hosting write-ins open to B-County (not restricted to college kids) and I can’t explain how excited I am to see creativity collide with community throughout the next month.

Basically, this is my shout out to all of my writerly friends in the B-County area to come hang out with us!  We’ll be having write-ins Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 PM, and Thursday nights from 4 PM to 8 PM, with an after party on the 30th.  It’s gonna be the bee’s knees, and I’d love to see all of you there!


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