courageous // randoms

I used to believe
meant an absence of

I know better now.

means facing your

It doesn’t necessarily mean
conquering them,
but it does mean
looking them in the eye
and saying,

“in this moment, you do not control me.”




I finished my second week of my second Fall semester today.  So far, it’s going better than the first Fall semester did.  I have only locked myself in a study room once, for a nap.  I have remembered to eat every day.  I’m making a ridiculous amount of friends and acquaintances.

One major improvement is that I’ve taken to putting my phone on airplane mode during class sessions.  It removes the distractions of texting and Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest.  Which makes it a lot easier to take good notes, which will help me get all of those A’s I’m planning on seeing in December.

I’m falling more in love with my job and my coworkers every time I walk into the SSC.  I love tutoring and I love that Dr. April encourages our creativity every chance she gets and I love that almost all of my coworkers are joys to work with.  I love the laughter.  I love when it’s me and Dakota, laughing so hard our boss tells us she loves us, but that we’re at 11 and she needs us at 4.  I love when there’s nobody in the Writing Center and we get to hang out, working on the backlog projects.  I love when it’s busy, bustling, and the room is full of people and voices and words.

I’m falling in love with it.

This semester feels so radically different from last Fall; it’s hard to process how far I’ve come in a year.  It’s weird to think about the fact that a year ago I was hugging the walls and clinging to my phone when I walked down the hall, that I was practically living in the study rooms and off of granola bars.

Now I’m almost constantly with people; my circle of friends is almost perpetually growing.  It’s expanding and I love it because it means I can pour out so much more love and that’s quite possibly the best part of my life right now.

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