God did a thing –

I have three blank pages left in my journal. 

I’ve been panicking. That journal stays with me, no matter what. I’ve said before, I pull it out and write whatever is on my mind, no matter where I’m at. It’s how I clear my mind, by writing the words out so they can’t cloud up in my brain. 

Hastings doesn’t have any within my price range that I like right now. Barnes & Noble is expensive, too. I’m so picky about my journals now that ordering online makes me nervous. 

I walked into Brew N Bake with Ruth, who’s staying the weekend with us (there will be a post about our adventures Wednesday morning!).  And Emma walks to the front, saying she’s been looking for me all week, that she has something for me in her car, and she’ll be right back. 

When she comes back in, she’s saying its small and not a big deal but that she thought “Jami!” when she saw it in Cambodia. 

It actually is kind of a big deal because she walks back in carrying a journal. 


“full of dreams and full of hopes”

That’s all I’ve got. 



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