~ trees in the sky ~

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I am super excited about this job at the college. I mean. Tutoring in the writing center?  People and words, two of my most favorite things?  It’s helping and teaching and socializing all rolled into one (don’t worry, I know there will be aspects of it that I don’t like, there will be bad days, and I will have a lot to learn) –

But I am really going to miss this place I’ve worked at for a year and a half, where I get paid for hanging out with a seven year old and baking sweet treats  for most of my shift. 

I just spent the last two hours creating chalk art – rainbows, the sun, a tree of imagination in the “sky” – and now my pants are stained with the residue of all of the colored powder. 

I mostly want to share another Sierra story. We’re sitting there, chalk everywhere, even smudged on cheeks, and she says, “too cool for school!”

“Oh, no, little bit. We’re never too cool for education.”

“I am. Sometimes I’m just too beautiful.”

I also found a dinosaur. I named him Alfonso. 

Goodnight, loves. 


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