I’m currently getting ready for Pancakes and Storytime with one of my favorite munchkins, but I’m taking a few minutes to check my email and search Pinterest for a cross stitch pattern . . .

I have a story –

Last night, I worked a night shift.  5-10, to bake cakes and help Mimi out when she needed me.  Sierra Rose was running around, bouncing between the two of us, trying desperately to offer assistance but mostly just getting in the way.  We eventually got her food and set her up on the ice chest that we keep our ice cream and extra bags of ice (on the off-chance our ice machine goes out – again) in.  

Now, the waitress alley is small.  It’s small and slightly cramped, stuffed with two counter surfaces, a low freezer, a Coke cooler, the ice machine, and a trash can.  All in a space about the size of my dad’s bathroom at home, if not smaller.

My friends will know that that’s small.

On one of those counters, we keep a scale specifically for the purpose of measuring out salads, and it was right beside where Sierra Rose was sitting.

I was rolling silverware, singing to myself, getting ready to close, when I heard Sierra project quite clearly, “Um . . . you might want to wash this.  ‘Cause there’s a bug in it.  And that’s guh-ross.”

Props to her for not screaming, anyways.

Alright – I’m off to make pancakes and read Make Way For Ducklings (Robert Mccluskey).    Have a lovely day, dear hearts.


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