The Last Hoorah (for now)

IMG_3026-0Ryan is leaving tomorrow. He’s transferring to a state college, 656 miles away from here. We’re all excited for him. We’re all proud of him.

But it still feels sad. It still feels like something important is about to be lost. And we know he’ll be back and, like I said, were excited for him. Or, at least, I am.

But this is reminding me that time moves fast, faster than you could believe. It spins and dances and twists away from you, staying just out of reach, just beyond your fingertips.

Make the most of it. Take chances. Be honest. Be real and raw and vulnerable. Go on adventures. Run errands together. Laugh and live and love. Take time to just be together, whether you’re sitting in a coffee shop taking personality tests or cleaning out your cars at Bucee’s.

Time is precious. The people surrounding you are precious. Make the most of it while you have it.

Here’s to living fully.


One Comment

  1. Wonderful….So impressed with everything you publish..Never get tired of what comes out of your brain


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