I was caught at the train tracks this morning and I thought, “this would be a good time to praise Jesus.”

“Closer,” by Tenth Avenue North, guys. It’s worth listening to. 


Today’s blessings feel noteworthy. I mean. They’re all and always noteworthy, but these . . . 

This morning was bad. I had plans to run and to study and eat breakfast and get to class on time.

None of that happened. I felt like a failure. A failure with a headache longing for sleep. 

I was coming out of class and Giselle was waiting by my car with an arm of clothes, because I had mentioned not being in the mood to go through the day in the dress I had decided to wear this morning. 

And when I came to Brew N Bake afterward, to study?  I couldn’t focus to order my drink, and Seth made me a caffeine-free drink (Italian cream soda, blueberry and white chocolate), I guess knowing that I couldn’t handle espresso today. 

God has given me some amazing friends.  


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