Lessons Learned. 

Jesus is teaching me a lot of stuff right now, but the big thing is to live every moment to its fullest and to love them all, from the big bigs to the small smalls. 

This is my Now moment. An iced chai with raspberry. A new bible study focused on women in the bible. Sleepy, peaceful friends who soothe the ache in my heart and remind me how to laugh. Brownie scraps offered to us by the employees who recognize us as regulars, and too-poor-for-dessert college students. 

The sun is shining; birds are singing outside. The jasmine is in bloom, or was recently and the sweet scent of it still lingers if you draw close enough to the plants. I’m surrounded by coffee-shop sounds and indie/alternative music that demands to be sung. 


I know this doesn’t look like much, but I am in love with my Now.   


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