I left my “baggage” at the alter this morning.

I said, “Here I am, Lord.  Send me.  Not my will, but yours,” and I meant it 110%.  

I gave my Daddy God all of the fears and insecurities and uncertainties.  I left them there, on the floor, soaked with a bucket of tears and maybe a little bit of snot, because I cried really hard, shaking hands raised heavenwards.  

I’m not telling y’all this to make myself out to be a good person or a good Christian or good, at all.

I’m saying this for accountability.  I’m saying this because Pastor Grady said we have to be Bold to speak, even when we’re afraid.  

I’m afraid.  You all know me one way, but something in me shifted this morning at that alter, surrounded by a hundred other people kneeling and crying and praising our Jesus.

The times, they are a’changin’.  And so am I.


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