Love, Courage, and Hope.

IMG_0543I am still in love with the fountain on campus.

It is a peace-place.  I go there and my soul finds rest.

Is it silly that nothing but the sound of rushing water and singing birds, and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, soothes my weary heart?


Pastor  approached me at the start of the year with an idea.

A college-aged Bible study.IMG_0316

I was skeptical.  The “group” thing hasn’t always worked for me in the past.

But we gave it a go.

We call ourselves “Dragon Slayers.”

We don’t fight with swords or with axes or with bows and quivers of arrows.

The dragons that we fight against aren’t armored in scales, nor are they armed with fire and razor-sharp teeth.  

The dragons that we fight are dragons of fear and jealousy, of boredom and hate.  We fight them with love and courage and hope, with mercy and perseverance.  


We meet every Monday at the mom & pop coffee shop in Lake Jackson.  We drink coffee,  although I am trying very hard to convert them all to tea (it’s better for you, and awfully cheaper).  We talk about our days and about the devotional we’re reading and about what God’s doing in our lives.  Pastor and Mrs. Cindy usually spend some time talking to us, encouraging us, loving us.


There is so much laughter and joy at our table.  There is so much love and courage and
hope in their hearts, and the love and courage and hope is creeping back into mine, too.

Praise God. 


I have fallen in love with poetry.  With drama, with anything made up of the written word.

But, news flash, we already were aware, weren’t we?  Words are, and always will be, my first love.


I was out with my Dragon Slayers Monday night.  We started at Brew N’ Bake, like usual,

 and migrated to a park.  A gorgeous one nearby with a pond and ducks, and the sun
was setting and everything was smothered in this gold light.  It was like the world had been touched by Midas.


The sun had just slipped behind the trees when Seth and I began complaining about hunger, so we packed up and found a Pizza Hut.

It took us twenty minutes to order because we’re all indecisive and also broke college kids, so we’re sitting there trying to figure out what to get and I guess we talked about it really loudly or the man behind us just listens because when we went to pay, our waitress told us that our meal had been paid for and we were free to go whenever we were done.

Giselle and I started crying.  


IMG_0006I read out loud in English last week.  

Yes.  The girl who hates to ask for another straw or a stack of napkins read out loud in front of her peers.  

We’re studying drama and I volunteered, because drama is easier to read than poetry.  Because I miss it.

One of the girls approached me after class, telling me that I have a nice reading voice.  That if I did audiobooks, she would listen to them.




I was the subject of a psychology experiment the other day.  I was sitting outside in the sunshine (shocking, I know) and this guy starts to walk by.

“How’re you?”

“Oh.  I’m good.  How about you?”

“I’m good.  I’m Joe, by the way.”

“Jami.  Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, that’s a pretty name . . . Mind if I sit?”

At that point, I was totally freaking out.  I don’t usually talk to people outside of my circle of friends/acquaintances.  

This semester has been about getting out of my box.

So he sat.  And we chatted.  And it was really, really cool.  We talked about BC and what we’re planning on doing, and then two more people came up and we did the whole introduction thing again.

I don’t know how I managed to act so calm.  It was probably God.

“Well.  I need to get to class, so I guess I’ll talk to y’all later.”

“Oh, okay.  It’s been nice talking to you.”  He paused.  And here’s the zinger.  

“You’re good.”


“Well.  This is an experiment for our psychology class . . . We’re supposed to see how people react to being approached by strangers-“

I died laughing.



“Then she began to breathe and love, and every moment took her to a place where goodbyes were hard to come by.  She was in love, but not in love with someone or something, she was in love with her life.  And for the first time in a long time, everything was inspiring.  – R. M. Drake



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