In The Starshine.

One of the most important people in my life got married IMG_0237Friday night.

The wedding was in a barn lit up with more Christmas lights than could ever be used on a house.  One end was open, giving them the backdrop of an Alabama sunset against the trees and the snow.  IMG_0231

It was a strange and surreal experience.  I keep wanting to say that she’s not old enough, that none of us are old enough for any of this, but we really are and it’s really weird.

She was beautiful.  She always is, but I haven’t seen her look as happy as she did in quite some time.

Everything about it was absolutely perfect.


They used sparklers instead of rice or birdseed when they left.  Sparklers and a sky alight with stars.

IMG_0232The whole night – no, the entire week keeps coming back to me in snippets.  I’m still a little dazed that it actually happened, and I am so glad it did.

Have I mentioned yet that it was perfect?  Absolutely perfect for them and for everyone there, even if we did just about freeze.

I’m still a little weirded out, I’m not going to lie.  She’s still fifteen in my brain; we’re still scream-singing Taylor Swift lyrics out the window and eating Ramen on the trampoline and getting lost in the forest just to have the dogs lead us home.  Still spending hours on the phone, still practically living at each other’s houses, still fifteen minutes away from each other.

I’m happy for them, I promise.  It’s a bittersweet happy.  It’s, “I miss our adventures, but I’m so glad you found him; I’m rejoicing with you, and I am so very excited for this next part of our lives.”

So, Cauleybelle, here’s to secrets shared in the late nightIMG_0042 hours on the nasty old couch, to m&m’s and midnight movies and weekends spent on the living room floor with our crafting supplies spread out around us.  Here’s to our songs and our stories, our laughter and roaring joy.  And here’s to the heartache and tears, too, because that’s part of life and it can’t be avoided.

Long Live, Cauleybelle.  I love you so much, dear heart.  And I am so glad that you found your Philip.


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