The Uprising

IMG_1796Throw yourself into your life, living with a wild abandon the rest of them can only dream about.

Breathe deeply; laugh loudly.  Eat the last piece of cake without thinking about the calories or sugar content.

Why do we give those things so much of the power over our lives that we should claim for ourselves?

Should, could, would.

If only we would fight; armor ourselves with confidence and self-love in preparation for the battle against those who dare to claim our passions, our love, our confidence, our beauty, out words, our sparkle, our lives.

Fight against those who try to take your voice.

Fight against those who tell you that you are not enough.

Fight against anyone who ever tells you that your dreams are not worth pursuing.

Fight for your hopes and your wishes and your dreams; fight for the sparkle in your eyes and the excitement in your voice.

Fight for your love; fight for your life.

I am fighting, too.

All you ever really have in this world is you.

Your life is what you make it; you’ll only ever love what it is if you make it by doing what you love so don’t let them take that from you.

Cling to your love, to your passions, to you likes and interests with all of the strength that lies within you, and when you think that the strength is gone just hold on a little while longer because it is worth it.



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