Independence Day DIY

I got a call the day before Fourth of July from my friend, Madison.  She’s one of my crafty buddies (actually, my only one, now) and she wanted to make a Fourth of July shirt.

There’s no minute like the last minute, right?


I didn’t take very many photos – but it was probably the easiest DIY that I’ve ever done.

You buy a white t-shirt.  You buy duct tape, spray paint, and parchment paper.

Draw stars on the parchment paper, cut them out, and then iron them onto the shirt, wax side down.  Adhere duct tape across the front to make the stripes.  Spray red paint over the duct tape stripes and blue paint over the stars.

Mine smeared a little – the blue and the red ran together some, making these weird purple tendrils shooting off onto portions of the shirt, but it looks pretty nifty still.

Obviously, depending on how much you spray, you’ll get a different look.  Mine was more vibrant (until I washed it) and Madison’s had a really cool vintage feel.


I paired it with a red and silver circlet, red lipstick, and some strappy sandals.  I dunno, but I felt bohemian and American and unique, and I think those are all good things.


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