painting with a twist.

I’ve never considered myself an artist – not the kind that works with pastels and paints, anyways.  But my cousin, Haley, has been into “Painting With A Twist” lately, and she recommended a specific event to my mom and I.

A TARDIS.  How could I pass that up?


Mom signed us up.  We got there and there was already a TARDIS body painted onto a canvas for us.  Praise the Lord, I know it’s all straight lines but I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t have ever been pleased with a TARDIS drawn by myself.

The lady who stood at the front of the room, Liz, had a really cool accent.  (I’m pretty sure she was Australian, but that’s off topic)  She called off trivia questions while we painted and I made a total nerd of myself.

Not only did I know which planet the Doctor is from, I also named off the constellation (Kasterborous, if you’re curious) and the exact date on which the show first aired (November 27th, 1963).

Oh, and they played the soundtrack from the show and I correctly identified almost every song ’cause, hey, guess what, that’s what I do. Music’s my thing.

Back to painting.


There was a lot of blue to work with.


But first, a selfie.

And then we had to mix our own colors and I basically spazzed because, let’s be real here, there are so many different TARDIS blues… And I didn’t manage to match a single one.


It isn’t really that streaked, I swear.  The lighting in that room was pretty awful for photos and I was trying to snap them quickly before I got behind everyone else.


Okay, maybe it is that streaked, but I’m pretty proud, considering I’ve never been a paint-and-canvas-artist.

IMG_2592Aaaaaand, hanging in my bedroom!


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