Rainbow Rowell

WARNING: This post is practically pointless except for the fact that I want to clue the world in on someone that’s super cool and awesome, and I might fangirl some okay a lot.

I’ve been really into YA lit lately.  I read the Divergent trilogy (Veronica Roth) and Entwined (Heather Dixon) and the first two books of The Selection series (Kiera Cass) and The Fault In Our Stars (John Green), basically, I’m kind of addicted.  I love classic literature, don’t get me wrong, but easy-read YA novels are perfect for when you don’t want to have to mentally translate something into modern day English…

But that’s a tangent.  I’m here (at 1:09 in the AM) to talk about Rainbow Rowell, the incredible author of Fangirl and Eleanor & Park.

I love how colorful the covers of her books are.  And the doodles.  And.  The fonts.

As for the contents of the books – her characters, her dialogue, slkdfjaskl;fjslk;fjaf.

(Basically, I just love her books.)



Fangirl is about an introverted young woman, Cath, during her first year at college.  It follows her journey as she learns to adapt to her new life (and find love…) without changing herself.

Eleanor & Park is about a 16 year old girl and a 16 year old boy who, in spite of all the things going against them, try to work out a relationship.

I really suck at summaries.  Don’t judge.

Rainbow writes with a lot of emotions, which makes her characters feel very real.  That paired with the realistic ordeals her characters go through make her books relatable, something that I enjoy quite a lot.  I love reading a book and feeling like I’m reading about myself because of the way a character thinks or acts or even just what he/she is going through.  I got that vibe with both of her books – I related to Cath (Fangirl) in that she’s pretty socially awkward and scared of getting hurt by people if she gets close to them, and with the main characters of Eleanor & Park in ways that I can’t even explain until I do my second read through.

These books are getting to be pretty popular pretty quickly.  I’ve been seeing them pop up in lots of GoodReads lists, Instagram photos, and tumblr posts, as well as YouTube videos, like this one.  There are also book trailers for both.  My favorite for Eleanor & Park is this one, and this one for Fangirl.

In other exciting news relevant to this topic… the film rights to Eleanor & Park were bought by Dreamworks and Rainbow herself will be writing the screenplay!

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be as big of a deal as the TFIOS movie is.  And that’s saying a lot.


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